Trissola Solo Smoothing Treatment Coming to Canada March 2013

I am so excited about this new technology coming to Canada. It isn't Methylene Glycol, Cysteine Synergy - which sadly many companies over-promised results and did not deliver. So much money wasted on products that didn't work. I am keeping a positive outlook as we wait for this. If it does what Lilly Balasanyan from Envy Professional Sherman Oaks California says it will do it will revolutionize the keratin treatment world here in Canada


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TRISSOLA Solo is the breakthrough you've been waiting for, a new age of hair treatments with no formaldehyde derivatives, cysteine, or lye that gives you the hair you've always wanted: youthful, healthy, shiny and manageable. It's loaded with anti oxidants and pro-vitamin B5 to fight free radicals and improve hydration, while BoNT-L-peptide with its Botox-like activity readily fills in the holes where hair is most porous, sealing split ends and restructuring damaged locks. The dramatic results are nothing short of miraculous.

Is TRISSOLA Solo a relaxer?
No. TRISSOLA Solo is formaldehyde-free, cysteine-free and lye-free. Which offers unique ingredients with four essential factors to rejuvenate and revitalize the hair.

What are the expected results after receiving TRISSOLA Solo?
TRISSOLA Solo will straighten, smooth, shield and strengthen the hair, leaving it feeling new again.

Will TRISSOLA Solo make the hair straight?
Depending on the texture and porosity of the hair, results may vary. TRISSOLA Solo will make the hair easier and faster to manage and blow dry. Some hair textures can be left to air dry, while others may require heat from a dryer to get straight results. This treatment will leave the hair with natural movement and incredible shine.

Can TRISSOLA Solo be done on any hair texture and color?
Yes. TRISSOLA Solo can be applied to every color and texture. Please be advised that on hair that is severely damaged and has lost elasticity. Results will most definitely vary.

Will TRISSOLA Solo alter hair color?
Some colors may fade, especially if the hair is over-processed. After applying and allowing TRISSOLA Solo to process, rinse thoroughly and do a very light shampoo with TRISSOLA Hydrating Shampoo before conditioning. This will help prevent the color from fading. You may also apply a semi or demi-permanent color after rinsing to refresh the color if necessary before conditioning.

How long does TRISSOLA Solo last?
TRISSOLA Solo will last up to three months depending on porosity, texture and how often your clients wash their hair. As TRISSOLA Solo slowly leaves the cuticle, hair will feel healthier and softer.

How is TRISSOLA Solo applied?
TRISSOLA Solo only requires one product. TRISSOLA Solo is applied to clean (no residue) hair and it is left to process according to the processing chart. After TRISSOLA Solo is rinsed out, the hair is blow dried and flat-ironed according to the proper temperature. The heat seals the hair, removing frizz and providing amazing shine.

When is it safe to apply hair color?
For 100% grey coverage color 10 days before or 10 days after TRISSOLA Solo. However, there are some exceptions. You may apply a semi or demi-permanent color after the treatment has completely processed, and rinsed but make sure to apply conditioner after your color to normalize the pH.

Can my clients wash their hair right after TRISSOLA Solo, and what shampoo and conditioner should they use?
Yes, clients may wash their hair at any time with no restrictions! For guaranteed results we recommend to use TRISSOLA paraben-free, salt-free and sulfate-free home care line. Salts and some sulfates will wash TRISSOLA Solo treatment out quickly.

How often can a client have TRISSOLA Solo done and do I have to redo the whole head each time?
TRISSOLA Solo can be done as often as you like. The whole head will need to be redone from the base through the ends each time, but your results will improve with each subsequent treatment. On new growth pass the iron more times on the base and less on the ends. TRISSOLA Solo will help to repair hair from the inside out without breaking the disulfide bonds in the hair structure.

Is TRISSOLA Solo safe for children?
We recommend using TRISSOLA Solo on children 12 years of age and up. It’s best to consult with the parents before proceeding with any service. That said, we do not do Keratin Treatments on people under the age of 16 at our salon.

Is TRISSOLA Solo safe for pregnant or nursing women?
The company Trissola advises the mother to consult with a doctor first.

Will swimming in a pool or sea affect TRISSOLA Solo?
Yes, it will reduce the longevity of TRISSOLA Solo. Salt from the sea and chlorine from the pool will strip the hair. We recommend that clients apply TRISSOLA Hydrating Conditioner to damp hair for protection before entering the pool or sea. Once they come out of the water, it is important to rinse the hair thoroughly and cleanse with TRISSOLA Hydrating Shampoo to remove sea salt or chlorine.

What is the difference between TRISSOLA Solo and a chemical relaxer?
TRISSOLA Solo is keratin-based and will only smooth the hair to a certain extent. It will restructure the hair, adding softness and shine, but it does not permanently alter the hair structure like a relaxer does.

Can TRISSOLA Solo be done at home?
No. TRISSOLA Solo is for professional use only and should not be performed at home.

Can TRISSOLA Solo be applied on a client with a skin condition?
The company Trissola recomends, clients with eczema, psoriasis or a dry scalp complete a strand test first. If the client seems fit enough to receive TRISSOLA Solo, make sure that you monitor the treatment frequently. In case of discomfort, wash out the product immediately.