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SX3 Smoothing System Promotional Material

The shine provided is absolutely brilliant and the smoothing effect will last 3 months and longer if the SX3 after care products are used. The product is rinsed out of the hair after processing and before blow drying which eliminates fumes and a second blow drying step. The client is free to wash their hair anytime after the treatment. The results can be managed based on the time the SX3 Smoothing Treatment processes before being rinsed out. You can book another client while your Smoothing Treatment client is waiting.

Easier, Safe, Affordable!!! The SX3 Smoothing System is rinsed out before you blow-dry and flat iron, making the process so much EASIER. Low iron temperatures and minimal iron passes are required to seal the product in the hair. The flat ironing gets done faster and is SAFER because there is much less heat applied to the hair. SX3 is more AFFORDABLE than other systems.

Questions and Answers

Q: Why should I choose SX3?
SX3 is the safe and simple hair transformation system. Cysteine protein and Glycolic Acid are the key ingredients in the Smoothing Treatment. Glycolic Acid penetrates throughout the hair shaft, enhancing softness, protection and manageability. Cysteine proteins are carried with the Glycolic acid and deposited on and under the cuticle, softening the hair and weighing down the curl. Cysteine plays a valuable role by cross linking proteins,which increases the rigidity of proteins. This provides your client with manageable hair that can be straightened easily with a brush and a blow dryer or left for a soft and shiny, frizz free curl. No chemicals are used to break the protein bonds in the hair so absolutely no harm comes to the hair from providing a service.

Q: What is Glycolic Acid?
Glycolic Acid has been used safely for years in the cosmetic industry for skin rejuvenation but has recently been providing amazing benefits to the hair industry. It has been found that Glycolic acid makes hair more manageable, easier to style and significantly less prone to breakage.

Q: Should I be concerned about fumes?
There is no harsh chemicals in the SX3 Smoothing Treatment and very little product is required for optimum results. If there are noticeable fumes, you are probably using too much product but don't be concerned, there are no harmful chemicals in the SX3 Smoothing Treatment.

Q: Can SX3 be used on any hair type?
Protein treatments will not damage hair, but the heat applied when bonding a protein treatment to the hair can. Most smoothing systems use temperatures approaching 450 degrees F. Hair will burn at 451 degrees so anything close to that temperature can be very damaging. With SX3 Smoothing Treatment, very low temperatures are required to close the cuticle. For fine, light hair, a 275°F-325°F (135-160°C) heat setting. For normal to coarse hair, we recommend a 350°F- 410°F (160- 205°C) heat setting. These low temperatures will never damage the hair.

Q: Can SX3 be placed over relaxers or other smoothing treatments?
Yes, SX3 Smoothing Treatment can be applied over any relaxer. When applying SX3 Smoothing Treatment over any other Treatment make sure that it has been at least 2 months from the previous application.

Q: Should SX3 be applied before or after a colour service?
We recommend that SX3 Smoothing Treatment be done after a colour service. Because colour opens the hair’s cuticle, we recommend replacing the use of SX3 Clarifying Shampoo with SX3 Keratin Balance Shampoo.

Q: Can a client go swimming in a pool or the ocean after SX3 Treatment?
For the first two days, we recommend letting the hair settle. When clients go in the sun and water we recommend they use SX3 Leave In Treatment to protect the hair from the sun’s harmful rays and to re-apply a layer of keratin to the hair.

Q: How long will an SX3 Treatment last in the hair?
After care and maintenance is essential to the life of the treatment. Recommending SX3 Keratin Balance Shampoo and Conditioner along with the SX3 Leave In Treatment will extend the life of SX3 Smoothing Treatment and protect their investment. An SX3 Treatment lasts an average of 3-6 months.

Q: Why should I use the SX3 Keratin Balance Shampoo and Conditioner over other sulfate and paraben free shampoos and conditioners?
These Shampoos and conditioners are specifically formulated to work in conjunction with the SX3 Smoothing System. These products are infused with pure keratin. Every time you shampoo your hair with the SX3 system, you are depositing a fine layer of Keratin on the hair, thus prolonging the life of the treatment.

Q: Can I recommend the SX3 shampoo and conditioning system to my clients that don't do the SX3 treatment?
Yes. These products are great for everyone. On hair treated with the SX3 Treatment or any other Keratin Treatment, the Keratin Balance Shampoo and Conditioners helps prolong the life of your client’s investment. On untreated hair, the fine layer of keratin deposited will coat the cuticle of the hair shaft, sealing the cuticle and providing a fizz free, luxurious finish.

Q: What styling products can I use to blow dry my hair once I do the treatment?
We recommend using the SX3 Leave In Treatment as a base product before applying any other styling product on the hair. The Leave In creates a moisture barrier between alcohol based products such as mousse or gel and protects the hair from thermal styling. Also, anytime you use SX3 Leave In, it deposits a fine layer of keratin to the hair, protecting and nourishing each hair strand and prolonging the life of your SX3 Treatment.

Q: Should I perform the treatment on my pregnant client?
Consider an SX3 Smoothing Treatment as would a colour service. If your client is uncomfortable or has been advised to avoid any colour services then it’s best they wait

Q: Is there any colour fade?
Many Smoothing treatments will lift colour. SX3 uses low iron temperatures that avoid any colour fade. Start your ironing at the back of the head and if there is any lift, simply turn the temperature of the iron down. You only want to close the cuticle so the high temperatures aren't necessary.