Keratin Complex Advanced Glycolic Smoothing System

Keratin Complex was one of the companies listed in previous Health Canada advisories that took place in 2010 and 2011. The two treatments listed were: Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy Treatment by Copomon (Coppola) and Keratin Complex Express Blowout by Copomon (Coppola). As other companies had done they came up with a quick fix for the Canadian market. The product they provided was Keratin Complex Elite which was a huge disappointment. But, to their credit they took their time with research and development before bringing another disappointments to the Canadian market.

In November 2013 Kingdom Beauty Supply introduced the Advanced Glycolic Smoothing System which was tested by the authorities and is allowed to be sold in Canada.

This new Glycolic formula is a system that features the key ingredient glycolic acid to penetrate the cuticle, providing enhanced protection against frizz and increased softness and manageability. This three-part, synergistic smoothing system combines advanced glycolic technology with Keratin Complex’s signature keratin to rejuvenate and defend the hair against breakage resulting from previous chemical relaxing, thermal styling, coloring, decolorizing, and mechanical manipulation.


Q: What type of Glycolic is used for the treatment?
A: Glyoxyloyl Carbocystein.

Q: How much time should be allotted to perform the Advanced Glycolic Smoothing System?
A: Raigen recommends a 2 - 3 hour window; however, time will be determined on an individual basis and based upon client consultation.

Q: What are the components in the Advanced Glycolic Smoothing System?
A: The Advanced Glycolic Smoothing System is a synergistic system featuring the following:

  1. Pre-Treatment Shampoo to gently remove buildup and open the cuticle in preparation of the treatment.
  2. Advanced Glycolic Smoothing Treatment featuring advanced glycolic acid technology to penetrate the cuticle to soften curl and reduce frizz
  3. Silk Seal 3-in-1 Finishing Masque delivers Keratin Complex’s signature keratin to repair and rejuvenate hair, leaving each strand silky and soft

Q: Is the Advanced Glycolic Smoothing Treatment applied to wet or dry hair?
A: Advanced Glycolic Smoothing Treatment is applied to towel-dried hair. The hair should be overall damp to allow for optimal distribution of the AGST.

Q: How soon can the client wash their hair?
A: Advanced Glycolic Smoothing System is an innovative rinse-out formula that delivers same-day styling for the client. There is no downtime for the client and normal routine may continue immediately.

Q: What results can be expected after the treatment and how long will it last?
A: Advanced Glycolic Smoothing System will reduce frizz and curl, soften the hair, seamlessly blend lines of demarcation left by previous chemical straighteners or relaxers, and will increase manageability. Results may last up to 3 months depending on daily maintenance.

Q: Can the treatment be done on pregnant or nursing women?
A: As with any chemical service, pregnant or nursing women should seek the advice of their physician before use. That said, it is safe for all ages, pregnant and breast feeding women.

Q: Does the Silk Seal 3-in-1 Finishing Masque work as a neutralizer?
A: No. The Silk Seal 3-in-1 Finishing Masque works as a moisturizing reconstructor to restore strength and elasticity of the hair.