Hair by Raigen - KeraSpa Brazil Natural Keratin Smoothing System 0% Formaldehyde approved by Health Canada

Have you been looking for an Intense Smoothing Treatment that is safe for teenagers, safe for pregnant women and affordable but effective, then KeraSpa is the answer for you.

KeraSpa Intense is a professional natural smoothing treatment that is made from Brazilian fruits, Keratin, Amino Acids and Argan oil.

KeraSpa promotes curls relaxation and repairs damage caused by chemical processes in a single step. Enables the inter-conversion of the oxidized form of cysteine in a reduced form, thus modeling the hair becomes possible. Due to its ability to penetrate the hair fibre, it provides brightness, restoration, conditioning, and strength to the hair fibre.

It offers excellent results while ensuring your safety. The KeraSpa Keratin Smoothing System offers the following additional benefits as it smoothes and straightens hair: 0% Formaldehyde, Hair can be washed the same day. Reduces volume and Eliminates frizz with a Shiny healthy appearance which lasts 8-12 weeks.

I am moving in a different direction when it comes to smoothing treatments and is offering this service at a discount price for a very limited time and while quantities last.

  • Short Hair - $125
  • Medium Hair - $150
  • Long Hair - $175
  • Extremely Long & Curly Hair - $200

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