Raigen's Hair Studio Has Moved to 117 - 2838 East Hastings, Vancouver, BC, V5K 5C5

Welcome to our website. If you are looking for testimonials of Raigen this is the page to read; it has the great, the not so bad and the not so flattering. But, thank goodness I have only had one bad review on Yelp.

are so happy to announce Raigen's Hair Studio has moved from Kingsway & Fraser to the PNE area. After 5 years of being in the industrial area of Kingsway it was time to move. Our lease was was expiring June 2015 and I wasn't ready to commit to 3 more years in the low foot traffic area. However, I would be lying if I said I wasn't worried about the move. I questioned myself, would our clients follow us? But, it turns out that our clients are loving our new location and our new space. We are less than a block from the PNE.

I hope you will give us the opportunity to de-frizz, straighten and bring back the health to your hair. You will not regret your decision and you will find out why we get so many referrals.

Reviews and Testimonials from Yelp of our Kingsway Location

From Laura Z. 7/4/2012

This is a lovely jewel of a place. Clean, new, well-lit, and Raigen's great. She's a larger than life character - tall woman, big voice, big heart.

Raigen specializes in long-term defrizzing treatments (keratin smoothing). If you have hair that you don't want to spend half an hour blow-drying every day to tame it in preparation for Vancouver's rainy climate, then you need to see Raigen. She will give you three consecutive months of Good Hair Days, guaranteed.

She's an expert on all the keratin treatments and knows what will work on particular hair types. It's cool how obsessed she is about smoothing and straightening treatments. In fact, the product companies all come to her for advice.

Her prices are reasonable and she's a staunch community supporter who always does the right thing by her customers. For example, when a new type of treatment had questionable durability, she phoned all the clients - like me! - who had it done (probably before they even noticed it fading themselves) and offered to re-do it - free - with a more proven solution. Seriously, who does that? Raigen does. She's a real East Van mensch.

From Alexis E. 9/4/2012

This is the best salon I've ever been to!! Raigen is hilarious and truly amazing at what she does!!I went in having never been there before and I will never go anywhere else now. She really cares about her clients and takes into account exactly what theyre looking for. Her prices are beyond reasonable and the physical location is super easy to access. I am madly in love with this salon and Raigen and furthermore, I've never been happier with my hair. Mind you this is coming from a person who now LOVES her hair after having hated it since the day she was born. I owe Raigen and her team so much!

From dawn m. 8/16/2012

Just great service here..Raigen always cares that her customers leave happy. She has a wealth of experience and is always up to speed on the latest trends. An all round lovely lady who really respects the wants and needs of her clients.

Great prices and location with adequete parking - I won't be using another downtown salon.

From Colleen C. 2/15/2013


Raigen is as wonderful person and she treats my hair like no one else!

I have extremely curly hair (can you say a white girl with an afro) and the treatments she provides make it manageable. She is warm, funny and an amazing detailed person when in comes to make my hair manageable.

I would recommend her for smoothing treatments and have!

From SJ R. 2/20/2013

She's the expert, BAR NONE, for all your hair smoothing needs. Raigen has discovered a niche market. Honest, tactful, and above all, professional. Bonus: she treats you like a girlfriend.

After having Japanese Straightening to better manage my hair for the past decade, it was time to move on to a process that was less damaging. Raigen, and her website provided me with more than enough information to step up to the next division in Hair Straightening/Smoothing to Liquid Keratin. My hair is now softer, and naturally shiny. What's even better, it only cost me $40 more than my usual JS.

And here I thought I was going to have to shave my head, and start from scratch.

Thank you a million times, Raigen. See you in four months


From Shiela P. 2/22/2013

I am a woman of color with a head full of fine frizzy curly hair. If there is something that can be done to my type of hair - then over the years I have done it. Weaves, braids, hot combs, locks, straightening ; if anything did work it was short term results for hours of sitting in a chair. Not to mention how much money I have spent over the years on a multitude of products - also of limited effect. And in the end I was left with damaged hair and less money in the bank.

All that changed when I met Raigen in June of 2012- The Keratin Queen!!!! I have had 3 Keratin smoothing treatments and the results are truly amazing. My hair is smooth and silky and is very manageable. If I get caught out in the rain - who cares... it's still lovely. No concerns about breakage either - just healthy shiny hair! My treatment lasts about 3-4 months!! So it is well worth the price!

Raigen is also a wonderful colorist who listens to her customers and really takes her time to get to know you and ensure your comfort! She is the best!

Check her salon out - you won't be disappointed!!!

From Nancy B. 3/2/2013

Raigen managed to take my big hair, and transorm it into something unlike anything else that has ever happened to my hair! I have just had my second treatment with her and can't say enough about how happy i am with the results!! If you have frizzy hair and need something to tame it and make it soft and silky, see Raigen!!

She's a very friendly, honest, helpful, and a true professional!

From Denise G. 3/13/2013

This is the 2nd time that Raigen does my Keraten treatment . She knows her job and she is very professional. My hair is freezy, curly...awfull but after this treatment it looks great and it is very easy to manage. Now it is shinny, straight, healthy & beautiful. I love it! Thanks Raigen!!! Denise

From Teresa C. 4/5/2013

I am an Afro-Canadian woman who was tired of fighting my very coarse hair everyday. A friend told me about keratin treatments and I researched it online. I came across the salon Hair By Raigen and decided to give it a try. Raigen is an amazing stylist that is really knowledgeable. She treated me like a friend even though it was my first appointment.

My hair turned out silky and fabulous. I will be going back when this treatment needs to be redone.

From Jolanda O. 8/17/2013

I used to be a Euro-African woman with short, thick coarse hair, now I'm a Euro-African woman with long, silky, shiny locks!! I have even been asked if I'm wearing a weave and am proud to say it's my own natural hair!! It's all thanks to Raigen's fantastic keratin treatments!

Raigen provides exceptional service and is dedicated to giving her customers THE BEST.

I won't be changing hair stylists anytime soon. If you're looking for good prices, great service and gorgeous hair, go to Raigen. You won't regret it!

From Billie S. 8/18/2013

I am an anomaly in Raigen's studio because I love my wavy, full-bodied hair. What I love about Raigen is her attention to detail on my color treatments. As has been said, she's a perfectionist , and she is always committed to giving me the look that both of us love! I do, and have, recommended her services!

From Myra N. 9/19/2014

I've never written a review before but I read the good reviews and that's what geared me into going to Raigens hair studio! They were awesome, booked me a same day hair cut appointment, price was excellent and I recommend Chloe as a hair dresser there. She spent time blow drying my hair and a little styling with no added extra cost!

From Linda S. 11/13/2013

I just moved to the East Van area and needed a haircut, I goggled some places in the area, and found nothing but bad reviews, except for this place!.. Although the reviews were based on keratin treatments, I figured if she's good at that it's probably a safe bet she's good at cutting hair too. I went in for an Angular Bob, and it turned out fabulous!.. Raigen is very much a perfectionist, she definitely makes sure she does a good job!.. It was a little longer (time wise) than I would have liked considering it was just a cut, but You can't rush perfection ;-).

As the first reviewer for haircuts; I give her two giant thumbs up!.. If you have the time, and need a great cut for a VERY reasonable price I am pleased to recommend her. :D

From paula Jane D. 11/15/2013

I have been going to see Raigen now for at least 4 months and I have had one keratin treatment and a couple of cuts and blow-days. I have to say that Raigen is fabulous. She listens to what you say and really cares about YOUR hair. If you are not happy with what she does, she will do her best to make you happy. She loves what she does and it shows in your haircut or whatever you wish to have done. My hair has been very silky and manageable to take care of now since I have met Raigen. Thanks Raigen for doing such a great job and keep up the good work. Paula.

From V D. 12/14/2013

Just wow! Raigen and her staff are amazing. The service was simply outstanding. I had the pure brazilian keratin treatment. I was a bit worried about my hair yellowing as I have platinum blond hair but they took their time, catered to my needs, and did a wonderful job with my hair. I now know what it's like to have soft, shiny, manageable hair. Even when air dried my hair will go straight and it looks like I put an iron through it. What used to take me hours to do now only takes minutes. I honestly can't get over how amazing it looks - and it still curls with a curling iron like a dream. I don't know why it took me so long to go and see Raigen. Go Now!

From J. G. 9/9/2014

Worst Customer Service!

If you are willing to put up with simply bad customer service, then go here. Yes, they do know what they are doing but I believe it's not worth it to be treated that way.

When I called to make an appointment, she didn't even ask me what treatment I needed but said that usually it would take 2 and a half to 3 hours. We made an appointment.

I have allocated 3 hours of my time to get the treatment done. When I showed up and she finally found my card, she said that the treatment that I needed would need 4 and a half hours, that she didn't even have enough product to perform the treatment and that the price has gone up since the last time by $100.

Because I only had 3 hours to do this, which is what she said on the phone the treatment would take, I couldn't stay. I apologized and ask to re-schedule.

She said she was really angry and that she got up early to come see me (11am appointment) and that she would never take me again because that was considered a last minute cancellation. She basically banned me from her salon.

This is simply not a way to do business. I was mistreated and punished for something that could have been easily avoided if she would have asked the right questions on the phone.

I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone. I work hard for my money and to pay $500 (after taxes and tip) to be treated that way, I rather give my money to someone else.