CHI Man Products Reduced to Clear

CHI Man Daily Active Clean Shampoo gently cleanses, removes build-up, and helps hair become stronger and more manageable. Chi Man Shampoo helps hydrate the scalp while delivering much needed nutrients to the hair. It will effectively clean the scalp with essential nutrients to provide fullness and thickness to the hair without added weight. Suitable for daily use, CHI Man Daily Shampoo will leave you feeling energized and refreshed.

CHI Man Daily Active Soothing Conditioner is for guys who want healthy hair and scalp. It conditions, strengthens and stimulates the hair leaving you feeling refreshed and invigorated. This unique formula is supercharged with botanicals that will instantly condition and detangle the hair while energizing the scalp. Hair is left soft, shiny and manageable and the scalp is refreshed with CHI Man Conditioner.

CHI Man Flexible Control Styling Gel is a medium hold, lightweight, clean, styling glaze ideal for any hairstyle. This unique formula is enriched with botanicals that will provide a flexible hold with maximum conditioning and a glossy shine.

Chi Man Flexible Styler Active Paste is great for designing modern, textured looks, will give your hair a supple, flexible hold with tons of texture. Infused with moisturizers, CHI Man Paste adds super shine and provides moist separation. It is also easy to rework if you want to change your style at night for a different look. CHI Man Paste is ideal for a pliable hold with texture and maximum shine or for separating, defining, and piecing a finished style.

CHI Man Groom and Hold Finishing Spray is for men that want to hold their style. This is a quick drying, strong hold hairspray to lock hair in place. CHI Man Spray provides quick drying hold while resisting humidity. This unique formula is enriched with botanicals which provide hair with incredible shine and enhance the condition of finished styles. CHI Man Spray is a sun protectant and prevents flaking.

CHI Man Radical Style Extreme Glue is an alcohol free, super strong gel that will hold up the most extreme, gravity defying styles. This ultra strong glue is for ultimate control for highly structured styles. CHI Man Glue can be used on wet or dry hair and will give you the ultimate control either way. This unique formula is enriched with botanicals that will provide styling control with maximum conditioning.

CHI Man Instant Refreshing Body Spray leaves you smelling fresh and so clean even if you didn't have time to really catch that shower after the trip to the gym. Chi Man Body Spray also works great on your slightly used laundry for those long weekends that kept you away from the house, and the washing machine. CHI Man Instant Refreshing Body Spray combats both odour and odour causing bacteria to keep you smelling your best. It provides an instant cooling and refreshing action to your body while providing a clean scent.

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